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            As a result of the constant developments of the market and greater needs of high resolution product descriptions with faithful images, the ICT Department, has developed the innovative PhotoShot360º®. This system plays a key role in increasing the competitiveness among companies, adding value to the products and in incorporating development and innovation into products.

PhotoShot360º® is a unique modern technological solution developed by the Footwear Technology Centre of La Rioja which allows the virtual three-dimensional simulation of real objects using an automated capturing system and its subsequent automatic editing. This technology, exclusively developed by the CTCR, processes and coherently organizes the photographs, generating 3D images of the initial product. The simple operation of PhotoShot360º® enables any company or person to manage the system, operated by an advanced software that makes the usage simple and intuitive, without requiring knowledge on photography or IT systems. PhotoShot360º® has an integrated capturing system as well as the posterior automatic editing and processing of the images, providing high quality photographs (manual retouching will only be needed if the objects have atypical features, such as excessive brightness, transparent parts, reflective materials or mirrors and bright, nearly white colors).



Hereby, the three-dimensional 360º photographs can be easily placed in online platforms, on webs or apps for phones or tablets.

The main advantages of PhotoShot360º® are:

puntuacion tresVisualization on virtual platform of real 3D photographs of artisanal designed products.
puntuacion tresReduction of the 3D modeling time.
                 o In 360º it takes approx. 40 min..
                 o In 180º it takes approx. 15-20 min.

puntuacion tresCost reduction of the E-Commerce.
puntuacion tresIncreased added value of the product and the brand.
puntuacion tresBetter brand positioning within virtual environments.
puntuacion tresAutomation of the image capturing process
puntuacion tresBetter visual perception of product.
puntuacion tresHigher online sales.
puntuacion tresReduction in product returns.

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(2) Digital camera: Canon EOS.
(3) Pedestal base or shoe tree of right and left foot in sizes 41 and 63

Below are some examples of the different ways in which the final products can be displayed:


BASIC VIEW: Vista basica View of the product on just one level but on an all round axis.



UPPER 3D: Vista 180 Upper visualization of the product.
Vista 360 Full visualization of the product from all its angles and directions.
TAILORED VIEW: Vista personalizada Personalized visualization of the product depending on the angles.


PhotoShot360°® can be used for any product, however, it is ideal for photographs of footwear in 360º (the sector for which it was originally developed). The lighting system is a white with light dome illuminator, fixed and flat, thereby creating a photography with white and uniform background.


PhotoShot360°® is complemented by the app View360® to visualize the three-dimensional models generated by this innovative system. The app can be used on mobile devices or webs (online shops, online catalogues, corporate webs, etc.) and is an ideal tool to promote the e-commerce of the business.

With View360® the way of visualizing the product can be modified and the settings can be prearranged. Some of them are: the size, the visualization window, the static or animated appearance of the model, the initial zoom, the technical description of the product… Thanks to Java and HTML5 technologies, the photographs can be viewed in all kinds of browsers and being hereby totally accessible for users.

The mobile version on View360® can be used on smartphones and tablets. The app is compatible with the operating system iOs (iPhone, iPad) and Android, covering thereby nearly the whole market of mobile devices. View360® aims at showing the complete virtual catalogue of a company, with the peculiarity of the online and instant update which enables the availability of latest version of the catalogue on the device.

View360® for mobile devices presents two main differences compared to its use on webs:

puntuacion tresThe once visualized models can be easily accessed again through the record of accessed models.
puntuacion tresHas a QR reader integrated that enables the quick access to models or catalogues through the scanning of the code from e.g. promotional material.

The application View360® can be downloaded for free from AppStore for iPhones or iPads or from Google Play for Android devices. Download the app now and have a look at some of the first products in three-dimensions and 360º integrated into the catalogue.

This unique technology for the creation of three-dimensional models based on photographs has been developed by the Footwear Technology Center of La Rioja.

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