Smart textiles


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          Microelectronics embedded in textiles provides garments with added value to the wearer enhancing its performance or changing its appearance.

The Footwear Technology Center of La Rioja is advancing its research on developing perfectly integrated electronic components in textiles. The new e-textiles will be washable and the embedded electronics will not be visible to the naked eye. A team of engineers is also working on developing a smart fabric that can be produced industrially for the footwear and textile sector. Within the electronics department, e-textiles with conductors, integrated circuits, LEDs and batteries, as well as active electronics with transistors, diodes and solar cells are analyzed and developed. Moreover, great focus of the project also lies on the development and integration microelectronics, devices of reduced size but with high functionalities.

All in all, the goal is producing e-textiles that adapt to the changing trends and needs, and can be integrated in footwear.


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