At the Footwear Technology Center we seek to contribute towards the improvement of the competitiveness and productivity of the footwear sector at a national and international level, transferring development and technological innovative solutions.

Conceived as an area of experimentation and dissemination, the CTCR supports companies throughout the different stages of R&D, aiming either at improving the production process or generating ideas for the commercialization of new products. The CTCR also promotes efficiency and sustainability in the production process, always in compliance with the legislation related to the industrial activity.

In this regards, the advancements from the Electronics and Automation Department are to be pointed out, especially in:

Embedded electronics: A research team is working in the field of wearables, products and garments that incorporate electronic technologies with multiple functions, interacting with the user and carrying out specific functions. The innovations are centered on the development of smart textiles with integrated electronics, or intelligent footwear with new functionalities.

Automation of industrial processes: The Department of Electronics and Automation counts with the expertise to improve the industrial processes of footwear production through the automation of different process. Efficient manufacturing and the transition towards the industries 4.0 and smart factories are our key objectives. We aim at achieving this by adapting continually to the ever growing needs of the market, integrating Internet of Things and creating systems that communicate with each other. Some of our projects within this field have led to the development of new processes where the efficacy of production has considerably been increased.

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icono contacto formularioThe companies interested in more information on this service, please contact the Electronics and Automation Department or call +34 941 385 870.


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