The TrendHelp service has been developed by the Footwear Technology Center of La Rioja in order to provide companies that highly value fashion and trends with real time updates. The source of inspiration is the main fashion capitals: Paris, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo, etc.

Through TrendHelp you can get an answer to questions related to:

puntuacion dosMacro trends, innovations, consumer behaviors…
puntuacion dosProduct trend analysis, fairs and the children – teenager – adult market.
puntuacion dosShopping, fashion in the main capitals of the world, travelling, art exhibitions, retail, visual merchandising, catwalks…
puntuacion dosCommercial visit of target market

This service enables you to:

   puntuacion tres Formulate long term strategies.
   puntuacion tresReact to the fast changing market.
   puntuacion tresIdentify development opportunities.
   puntuacion tresGet an update on new trends from the footwear industry.
   puntuacion tresIncrease the productivity.Formular estrategias a largo plazo.


   ¡CITY BY CITY!    Additionally, we offer to organize your commercial visit to the target market according to recommendations on shops, boutiques, malls… that sell footwear. This is a new service that has been included in the traditional TrendHelp consulting and information service, where, as it name says, you can get to know the capitals of fashion.

icono contacto formulario The companies interested in more information on this service, please contact the Communications Department or call +34 941 385 870. 

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