Microbiological development of bacterial cellulose


biocelulosa sup art


An ongoing research project from the Environment Department: the study on microbiological bacterial cellulose obtained biosynthetically.

         The research aims at creating a new biological material, bacterial cellulose, which will enable the replacement of traditional materials used in the footwear industry, such as leather or textile. This substitution will contribute towards reducing environmental problems. Waste tanned leather will drastically be reduced: it is estimated that each 1000 kg of cowhide results in only 260 kg of leather and 230 kg of waste tanned leather containing chromium. That is why, in order to keep up with the current development, but introducing more sustainable production chains and reduce the environmental impact and waste, it is necessary to search for viable alternatives. The CTCR considers that bacterial cellulose has the potential to be developed and in the future replace leather or composition leather.


                                                                                                                   celulosa sin tenirr    celulosa tenidaa  


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