The urban motorcyclist boots

motocalzado sup art

The Nanotechnology Department has developed a line of urban motorcyclist boots based on a novel shock absorption material that increase the safety of the user considerably.

           The new urban motorcyclist boots contain innovative materials that allow improvements in the energy absorption capacity under hard impacts, without any negative effect on the ergonomics and comfort. For the development of the urban motorcyclist boot, accident reports have been rigorously studied. The urban motorcycle boot intends to cover the shortcomings identified in accident reports on foot injuries. The new range of protective footwear based on new materials has passed rigorous accident related, biomechanical and ergonomic tests. The prototypes contain a specific filling based on nanoparticles that have a cushioning effect, absorbing over 90% of the energy impact.

The research for this motorcyclist boot has been carried out by the CTCR in cooperation with Centro Zaragoza, a research institute on vehicles, for the safety footwear manufacturer FAL.