The aim of the International Relations Department is to internationalize the CTCR, implementing the external relations strategy of the organization. Functioning as the middle point between the different departments and the potential partners, cooperative affiliations and collaborators, the department’s goal is to widen the international reach of the center and achieve a higher exchange on an international level. The CTCR, through the International Relations Department, seeks to foster collaborations on an international scale through the conclusion and implementation of cooperation agreements.

Besides that task, the department offers companies of the sector support in gaining competitiveness in a globalized world and in adapting to the constant changes.

The department has expertise in external business environment analysis and the development of internationalization strategies. The footwear and related industries have hereby the opportunity to be assisted by this department in order to consolidate new trade relations on an international level and to increase exports.


Grant management for the attendance to national and international trade fairs

The association Aiccor signs each year a collaboration agreement with the Economic Development Agency for La Rioja (ADER) in order to promote the participation of regional footwear companies in national and international fairs. Expenses such as the stand, the decoration, the interpreter and the travel expenses are subsidized up to the yearly agreed percentage. Companies can hereby reduce their expenses on fairs and continue attending and offering a highly competitive product. The positive impact of this agreement can be observed in the high number of regional footwear manufacturers exhibiting their products at the main fairs of the sector in Italy, Germany, Denmark, Las Vegas, Japan, South Korea, amongst others.

Development of an internationalization strategic plan for SMEs for internationalization subsidies

Every company should count with an action plan for activities that are being carried as well as actions and strategies to be carried out in order to access new markets. The CTCR offers companies to elaborate the internationalization action plan in order to support the brand and increase the export volumes and creating greater visibility of the products in the priority markets. The European Union, Asia, America or Africa can be attractive markets for the implantation and expansion of your footwear brand.

Management of groups or consortia for international promotional purposes

From the CTCR we manage groups that seek to receive from the Economic Development Agency for La Rioja (ADER) the grant for international trade and exports for groups or consortia. We manage the grant, write the memoire and justification of the activities, calculate the estimated budget, manage the activities related with the financing body, request the required documentation…

Additionally, we manage the internal and organizational aspects of the group and act as spokesperson amongst the members of the group for the proper functioning of the different actions, amongst them:
Exhibition at national and international fairs //Hiring of external consultants specialized in foreign trade // Promotional and advertising activities // Registration of the brand abroad // Design of a set of catalogues or product sheets // Development and/or redesign of the web // Trainings // Visit to foreign fairs // Commercial visit to target market // Company missions // Design of the corporate image and identity manual // Brand and logo design // Design of packaging.






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