The CTCR offers various technological services in the design and digitalization process of soles and lasts (3D laser scanners). Additionally, the Mechanics and Prototyping Department has the ability to produce prototypes, lasts and moulds in the 4 Axis vertical CNC machining center and in 3D printing in ceramics (additive fabrication).

This department complements the Electronics and Automation Department, contributing with the development of innovative prototypes and personalized product designs. Moreover, the department offers technology audit services, analyzing the footwear manufacturing process and machine operation, and offering valuable improvements that will contribute towards a reduction in production time and costs.


Rapid prototyping (3D printing) and mechanization in aluminum and plastic in the machining center)

Having the possibility of manufacturing a prototype in less than 24 hours with a precision of approximately one tenth of a millimeter, enables the instant validation of the design. The prototype shows mechanical functionalities and a high definition of the details, avoiding errors in the final product and expensive modifications of the mould. The CTCR has developed a system for the footwear SMEs to obtaining personalized flexible sole prototypes in just a few hours.

The process is as follows:
-Design of the prototype and mould in 3D
-Manufacturing of the master in 3D printing
-Manufacturing of the mould through silicone casting
-Manufacturing of the sole prototype

The characteristics of the mould are:
-Well defined edges
-Higy quality in details
-Hardness of 15-20 ShA

The prototype has following properties:
-Easy release of the prototype from the mould
-High defined studs and bunking of sole
-Sharp edges
-Hardness of 60 ShA after 20 hours of curing (may vary depending on the needs)

Flexible prototypes in hours

3D Digitalization of models

In occasions we have the physical model but not the digital 3D version required for manufacturing. The reverse engineering process allows the creation of a digital copy of the product in tridimensional geometry. The Department of Prototyping offers the service of digitalization of lasts, soles and insoles through a digitalizing laser specially developed for the footwear. The department also offers technical consulting on 2D and 3D designs, scanning of soles and insoles and the development of digital files.

Other design services

Additionally, the CTCR offers a wide variety of CAD software and has experience in footwear and moulds design:

puntuacion dosCAD/CAM Delcam: specific for the design of footwear and fabrication of moulds.
puntuacion dosICAD 3DP: Design of soles.
puntuacion dosICAD 3D+: Design and modeling of footwear.
puntuacion dosICAD FOR: Design of lasts.
puntuacion dosMensura: measurement of the footprint contact surface for the analysis of adherence of soles.


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