Currently the information and communication technologies (ICT) are experiencing rapid developments that are affecting all the areas of our society with no exception. ICT have become key working tools in all business areas and professional activities. New technological developments are crucial to the footwear industry. Applications are nowadays being used throughout the design, manufacturing, logistics or sales processes. Therefore, the CTCR has a specific ICT Department that works on covering all the needs in this field, searching for technological solutions for businesses.

At the CTCR the ICT Department focuses on improving the competitiveness of the company’s processes through improving: the business management (administration, management, purchasing, storage, maintenance, sales, expedition, etc.) and the sales opportunities (marketing solutions, online storage, digital catalogs, physical shops, intelligent online shops, etc.). Also, algorithms based on artificial intelligence or innovative visualization technologies based on photography’s and augmented reality, have been developed.


Technological Opportunities

puntuacion unaNew technologies that involve the consumer in the design process. Artificial intelligence for the development of competitive products.
puntuacion unaTechnologies for the personalized adaptation of the garment to the client, achieving a perfect functional well-being.
puntuacion unaTechnologies that analyze the client’s behavior. Personalized marketing strategies adapted to the consumers.
puntuacion unaTechnologies that dynamically create segmented information. Apps that recommend products based on the user’s needs.
puntuacion unaAugmented reality on smarthphone apps.
puntuacion una360º or virtual 3D photographies.
puntuacion unaDesign and development of virtual 3D catalogues that can be viewed on PCs or mobile devices (smart phone or tablet).

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