Committed to new technologies, the CTCR has a Department of Nanotechnology with a research team made up of specialists in nanotechnology and new materials. Nanotechnology is a science conducted at the nanoscale (1 nm = 10-9 m). Working on such a small scale enables the design of materials with improved properties, making it possible to reduce costs and simplify the production process. Nanotechnology applied to the footwear industry is contributing towards renewing this business sector, innovating not only the design and ergonomics, but also by creating new materials with better qualities and thus meeting the growing needs of the consumers. The application of nanotechnology in the footwear sector can be very varied, ranging from an improvement of the materials that constitute a shoe, to special personalized designs.

The Nanotechnology and New Materials Department of the CTCR offers following services:


Technical assessment and identification of possible applications of nanotechnology on the footwear

Nanotechnology applied to footwear can lead towards various improvements, from changing the properties of the materials, improving, for example, the abrasion and wear resistance; to adding charges for controlled aroma release. Other examples are antibacterial and bacteriostatic insoles that prevent foot odor and foot infections, superomniphobic fabrics that repel different types of liquids, or conductive soles and antistatic soles. According to the needs of the customer and the properties of the product, personalized solutions can be developed.

Writing of proposal, coordination and development of projects with businesses

The increased application of nanotechnology to different industries contributes towards its implementation within the footwear sector. The high reactivity of nanoparticles enables the improvement of the product and production processes, increasing the resistance and durability, the hardness, the elasticity, the speed of reaction, improving security aspects through a better electrical conductivity, etc. These opportunities have contributed towards the development of many projects within this department in the past years. If you can think of any potential improvement you want to introduce in your products or production processes, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Technological opportunities

puntuacion unaCost reduction and production increase through nanomaterials.
puntuacion unaShape memory polymers for textiles that change their shape under temperature variations.
puntuacion unaIntelligent materials that change color under certain external stimuli such as light, temperature, pressure, etc.
puntuacion unaMicrocapsules containing active substances.
puntuacion unaEnergy efficiency technologies.
puntuacion unaAdditives and new polymers capable of self-regenerating.
puntuacion unaTechnical improvements through new materials or nanotechnology:
             puntuacion dosSlip resistance
puntuacion dos Fireproof
             puntuacion dosAntibacterial
puntuacion dosThermal comfort
             puntuacion dosAnti-puncture
puntuacion dosAnti-odor materials
             puntuacion dosImpact resistance
puntuacion dosElectrical conductivity
             puntuacion dosAdditives that do not degrade under the impact of UV light


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