CWe believe that training is essential in order to develop the capacities of professionals and to increase the competitiveness of businesses. At the CTCR we offer trainings based on the needs of clients, in order to foster improvements, promotions or help with finding a job.

The CTCR seeks at providing personalized trainings adapted to each professional profile so that companies count with a workforce that is specialized according to their needs and adapted to the constant changes. Knowing how to generate, acquire and transfer knowledge is essential to our day to day work.


Rental of installations

The CTCR provides installations to carry out seminars, conferences, working sessions, business meetings, presentations, etc. The installations are available to be rented under request.
Additionally, the CTCR counts with the latest technology and equippmed with broadband internet connection, audiovisual equipment, projectors, portable whiteboards, PCs, printers, etc. Also, there is the possibility of hiring a catering service for any event.

You can access a virtual tour of the different spaces, identify the one that matches your needs and directly book the installation:
- Assembly hall/exhibition room
- Multimedia room
- Multi-purpose rooms



Job board

The job board from the CTCR is a space of exchange between the companies of the sector and area and those seeking employment. All the services that provide for the member companies are free of charge, therefore, those who are not will be charged depending on the service requested. This is a way of generating opportunities with the only intention of collaborating with the companies and institutions of the area by searching for the right candidate and covering the position with qualified professionals.

The job board can be accessed through the web, where periodically the requirements of the companies will be published. You can also contact us for more information; we will provide you with more details on the vacancies..


Specialized, personalized and online trainings

The development of knowledge and skills on technological advancements, management and legislations is crucial for businesses to advance. The CTCR designs and implements trainings that help professionals, employees and graduates to better apply their knowledge on the workplace and contribute towards the improvement of the footwear and related industry. The trainings can be categorized as follows:

--Trainings adapted to the customer’s needs: designed according to the customer’s requirements for the staff of companies.

--Face-to-face courses: delivered at the CTCR facilities and for professionals who need to develop certain skills and competencies in a short time.

--Seminars: sessions on project results, services and market developments, as well as any topic of interest for businesses.

--Online courses: in the year 2015 we started delivering e-learning courses with the objective of connecting via online the trainers and the training content with the learners.

Only in the year 2015 the CTCR has trained 3,538 people and 2,510 hours and a total of 15,949 people and 13,584 hours since 2007”



Management of the training subsidy

At the CTCR we offer the service of managing the training requested by the company. The process is very simple, after receiving the request we take care of organizing the specialized trainer or professor, manage the administrative proceedings in order to obtain the training subsidy (by the Spanish government) and deliver the training at our installations. Additionally, the possibility of the training being offered by another entity also exists. In that case we would only manage and organize the training.

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