The Department of Project Management will complement the technological developments offered by the CTCR with a comprehensive service that aims at minimizing the risks of innovation by pursuing external funding, being it in the form of grants or subsidies, depending on the needs of the customer.

The Footwear Technology Center of La Rioja has extensive experience in all areas of project management, at a regional, national and European level. This service is offered in the four main phases:

puntuacion unaIdentifying projects eligible to receive funding and analysis of the most appropriate funding scheme for each project.

puntuacion unaFunding application: writing of the proposal for funding programs which includes the technical and financial memoire and the preparation of the administrative documentation.

puntuacion unaTrack record: contacting the public administrations in order to find out the status of the application (rectify if required) and manage all the procedures once the project has been approved.

puntuacion unaJustification: Development of the final report, the expense report and administrative documentation required.

Thanks to this integral innovation service that unites the technological development of a project and project management expertise, the project success rate and the quality of the reports is higher, allowing clients to minimize efforts.


Management of public funding, subsidies and tax relief for R&D&I projects

The CTCR contributes towards the improvement of competitiveness and technological development of organizations through projects in the field of applied investigation, development, innovation and technology transfer. Due to our vast experience in the sector we are now categorized National Technology Center part of Spanish Federation of Technology Centers (Federación Española de Centros Tecnológicos, FEDIT).

Our main objective is to collaborate with companies so as to simplify the application process and management of regional, national and European public funding and tax incentives by offering our expertise and know-how in the field.

One of the main tasks of this department is to identify projects subject to receiving public funding and tax incentives. The CTCR then advises the company on technical and administrative matters so as to accurately plan the project according to the most beneficial terms and funding schemes for the company, being it through a local, national or European call. We write the financial and technical proposals for the project and search for the right partners if required. The CTCR then assists the company in applying with the project proposal for funding and throughout the whole administrative processes.

Once the public funding has been assigned the CTCR will carry out the project. Given the case the application is denied the CTCR will appeal. Finally, the CTCR assures the follow-up of the project, writing the memoire and accompanying the company up to the conclusion of the project in every step required.


Technological supervision

Service based on searching and collecting information of current relevance and news related to technological developments and the market of the footwear sector.


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