The scarceness of natural resources, climate change and the continuous growth of cities makes sustainable development crucial. The CTCR environmental department emphasizes on environmental indicators and measures to ensure sustainable growth and reduce the environmental impact of companies it works with, aiming at fostering eco-innovation.

Technological opportunities: 

puntuacion unaMicrobiological development of bacterial cellulose, serving as leather and textile substitution.
puntuacion unaDevelopment of biodegradable materials.
puntuacion unaRecycling technologies and raw material reuse technologies. A comprehensive study on residues from multiple sectors and on the recovery of its components.
puntuacion unaReuse technology by glycolysis to obtain polyol from polyurethane waste generated during the injection of shoe soles.
puntuacion unaApplications for the replacement of solvent-based adhesives by water-based adhesives in the adhesion process of footwear.
puntuacion unaWet laid technologies for the reuse of textile and leather residues generated in the cutting process of footwear manufacturing.


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